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Here is the most sought after Dog Toy Products for live. These products have been carefully bundled together, to ensure your dog is occupied throughout the day

PS265 – Crunchcore Bone – Petstages 
Squeeze to feel and hear the CRUNCH! Great for powerful dogs that love to chew. This indestructible dog toy is best for aggressive chewers, as the inner core of this toy keeps the shape. This long lasting toy is also suitable for those dogs who likes to chew t-shirts, shoes, any rubber like and crunchy material; It creates the crunchy sound as they chew the plastic bottle. Perfect dog toy for a long road trip and even for your short travel with pet dogs.

PS230 – Orka Dog Bone – Petstages 
Its flat design promotes natural chewing. Helps massage your dog’s gum. Give your dog this bone and watch him entertain himself for hours; It truly satisfies natural urge to chew. Attached strong cotton rope aids in cleaning the teeth. This  bones is available in two sizes.

PS658 – Petstages Sling Sock for dogs 
Fun fetch game with your dog. Durable rubber ball which does squeak as well. Enclosed sling is soft yet tough sling to send the toy flying for long distances. This toy is also great for tug and play. Available in 4 sizes.

PS114- Petstages Warming Soother Pad for Senior dogs
Helps provide calming warmth to older dogs. Petstages Warming Soother Dog Pad can help comfort a young dog also, or reduce stiffness and enhance mobility for your older pet. Simply microwave Petstages Warming Soother and place with your dog when ready for bed, or any other time the he needs comfort. Travelling may sometimes induce stress in your dogs, these warming soother can help bring your dog to action right after the travel.

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