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Changes in the household, new family member arrival, or just mood changes can create the need for your cat to calm or soothe. Petstages create cat toys to warm their surroundings, safe to play toys, takes cares of dental health and making teething fun and entertaining for endless hours. This cat / kitten value pack is an assortment of cat toys to help engaging your cat.

PS305- Petstages Cuddle Pal
The Petstages Cuddle Pal is the perfect curled on for your cat and kitten. This buckwheat filled can be microwaved to provide warmth during winters. The inner buckwheat packet can be removed and the outer cover can be washed.

PS702- Petstages Bat & Scratch
Keep your cats boredom at bay with this perfect scratching toy. Scratching, Stalking and Pouncing ensures your cat and kitten are well engaged. Lightweight to bat and chase.Ultimate satisfaction for your kitty’s hunting and scratching urges.

PS335- Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick
As your cat chew, it helps to remove the soft tartar from the teeth. To release more scenty mint, Press the center of the toy and roll. With this mint flavour, all kittens & cats go wild for this toy. 

PS326- Petstages Dental Health Chews
This Chews ensure your cat will have healthy gums and clean teeth while enjoying catnip and catnip stalks. Netting is durable and makes the chewing fun and last longer. Absolute satisfaction for the natural desire to crunch and chew.

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